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    Animal Health Announcements 

Exhibition Swine and Porcine Epidemic Diarrhae virus (PEDv)

Swine Exhibition Affidavit

PEDv: Question and Answer


  Fair Guideline Book

  Please Contact the WLSB Office to obtain a list of Approved Feedlots


Animal Health Programs


Avian Influenza and NPIP

Avian Influenza Testing for Backyard Poultry Producers and Game Bird Farms!

AI Testing Brochure

NPIP Brochure

CDC USDA Salmonella Poultry Flyer



    A New Direction for the Bovine Brucellosis Program


    Brucellosis Testing Reimbursement for Custom Slaughter Facilities

    Invoice for Brucellosis Testing Compensation (Veterinarians)

    Invoice for Brucellosis Testing Compensation (Sale Barns)

  •    Please designate on form if it is an In State or Out of State Livestock Market...Thank You.

  Designated Surveillance Area

     New Boundaries of the Designated Surveillance Area (DSA) Effective April 30, 2011 - Map

      DSA Frequently Asked Questions Brochure

    Important Information: Designated Surveillance Area (DSA)

    DSA- Identification Requirements


    Individual Herd Plan Questionnaire

    Adult Vaccination Application

    Booster Vaccination Application

  2010 Press Releases

    Brucellosis Update

    Update on Brucellosis in Sublette County

    Second Brucellosis Case Confirmed

    Update on Brucellosis in Park County

   Brucellosis Confirmed in Park County
   Possible Brucellosis Case in Park County
  2011 Press Releases
    Brucellosis Update Feb 9, 2011
    Brucellosis Update Feb. 17, 2011
    DSA- Identification Requirements
    WLSB Investigating Possible New Case of Brucellosis in a Park County, WY Cattle Herd
    New Case of Brucellosis Verified in Wyoming
  2013 Press Releases
     Wyoming Game and Fish Department and Wyoming Livestock Board to Discuss New Elk Brucellosis Cases April 4
     Brucellosis Meeting Press Release 


Johne's Disease

    Johne's Disease-Beef Newsletter (Winter 2013)

    Johne's Disease Control Program for Dairy and Beef Producers

    Johne's Disease Q&A for Sheep Owners

    Johne's Disease Q&A for Goat Owners



Trichomoniasis Special Focus Area 1 Board Order
Trich Special Focus Area 1 Map


Chapter 15 - Trichomoniasis


   Trichomoniasis Brochure                  

   Trichomoniasis by the Numbers



   A New Approach for Managing Bovine Tuberculosis



WLSB B.Ovis Certified Free Flock

     Program Outline


WLSB/USDA/AHPIS Scrapie Program

     Program Outline

      2009 Scrapie Cooperative Agreement Program

      Scrapie Genetic Susceptibility Instructions

        Seed Stock Producers and Surveillance Testing Agreement


Reportable Disease List


Reportable Disease List


Quarantine Information

(Due to an opinion for the Attorneys General, we are not publishing names or exact premise locations on the Quarantine List that were obtained in relation to the Reportable Disease List.  Veterinarians may request that information directly from our office and it may be released as determined on a case-by-case basis.)

     Quarantine List

Extension Request Form


Forms and Supplies


Animal Health Related Forms

Adjacent State Border Property Movement Permit

Interstate Livestock Movement Permit

Livestock Dealer Application

Livestock Sale Application


Animal Health Related Supplies

Order Green Wyoming Identification Ear Tags  ~  Producers

Order Identification Tag Books ~Veterinarians Only

  Order Certificate of Veterinary Health Inspection Books ~Veterinarians Only

Order Trichomoniasis Ear Tags ~Veterinarians Only

 Order Trichomoniasis Test Record Books ~Veterinarians Only



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