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 Animal Health 


The Wyoming Livestock Board Animal Health Unit exercises general supervision over and protection of the livestock interests of the state from disease by implementing board rules and regulations, assisting in enforcement, monitoring the import of livestock and biologic agents into the state and disseminating lawful and accurate information.   

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Revised DSA testing requirements to go into effect January 1
State Veterinarian consulted in Tribe's acquirement of Bison

Reportable Disease List  

The Wyoming Livestock Board (WLSB) maintains a list of animal diseases called the Reportable Disease List. These diseases must be reported to the state veterinarian when they are identified, per state statute (WS 11-19-102). These diseases are important for their impact on herd health, public health and the economics and marketability of the Wyoming livestock industry.  

If any person or government entity knows or suspects that there is a contagious or infectious disease among animals under their jurisdiction, or any veterinarian knows of or suspects a reportable disease, he/she must report it to the State Veterinarian's office within 24 hours. All information collected in response to the reportable diease list shall remain confidential.

To Report a disease call 307-777-7515 or 307-857-4140


Rules for Public Comment  

Public comments being accepted for joint Bighorn Sheep/Domestic Sheep Rule

Commonly used Animal Health Rules: 
Disclaimer: These are copies of rules and the official rules are posted on the Secretary of State website. 

Chapter 2: Vaccination Against & Surveillance for Brucellosis
Chapter 8: Import Regulations
Chapter 15: Trichomoniasis Rules