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Brand Recording


Every two years a certain percentage of brands expire December 31st and are flagged for renewal.  The next renewal grace period begins January 1, 2023 and runs through March 1, 2023. The first renewal notice will be sent out in October 2022, and fees can be paid at that time.  Chapter 9: Brand Inspection, Permit, and Brand Recording Fees

Renewal Notices will be sent to the last known address listed on your brand record.  

Please Keep Your Address Updated By Calling 307-777-7515.  If You Have More Then One Brand, Please Let Us Know So We Can Update All Brand Records.


Brand application fee must be submitted along with application. Brand research time can take up to 12 weeks. The fee for a brand is $200.00 for one species and $100.00 for each additional species. If the brand you apply for is available we will send you an offer letter on the locations available. If no locations are available we will send a disallow letter asking for more choices to be submitted. If you do not desire any other brand at that time a refund of $150.00 of the brand application fee for the first specie will be refunded and $75.00 for each additional species.  Fees as subject to change by Wyoming Livestock Board action at any time. The species that can be applied for are cattle, horses/mules, sheep and buffalo.  When a New Brand is issued, that brand will automatically be scheduled for the next renewal period.  This is done so the brand can be assigned a renewal year and placed on the 10 year renewal program.

Brand application fee of $400 must be submitted along with the brand application.  Abandoned Brands are issued on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please write the Brand ID# on the application so we are sure to review the correct brand.  Brand research is usually 1-3 days.   Abandoned Brands are sold "As Is".  The image and branding locations cannot be changed. Brands with dual branding locations will not be reissued; i.e. LR&HC.  Brands with solid dots or single letters/numbers will not be reissued.  Earmarks ONLY can be added/changed/removed.  The Abandoned Brand list is available for review under "Quick Links".



A brand is personal property that can be transferred to another party as long as all the paperwork has been submitted correctly. There are instructions on the back of the Bill of Sale/Transfer form explaining the different scenarios' and instructions for transferring a brand. The fee for change of ownership is $137.50         


The state began recording brands in 1909, prior to that brands were registered by County. A record request consists of copies of the three by five cards that were used to record brands prior to computers.  Brand records prior to 1909 may be found at the Wyoming State Archives; 307-777-7826.